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Constance Mary Kelley Perullo
1101 Foxwood Circle
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960

Telephone:  978-536-5041 (since1997; old number just in case:  333-0657)
Cellular:  “Your father has that with him is his car.”
Facsimile:  “Do we have one of those?”
Email:  “I’ll write you a letter, why would I need this?” 

“MUMMA’S” Resume


Baby - Beautiful baby who made her Mother and Father very happy. 

Kindergarten Student - Made her teacher very happy.  Prettiest girl in class… 

Elementary Student - Made her teachers very happy. Learned her ABC’s, how to use scissors, paste papers, say her prayers, and made her Mother and Father very happy and proud.  Prettiest girl in whole school… 

Secondary Student - Made her teachers very happy.  Learned many new things and never got into trouble.  Always a nice person who made her parents very happy and proud.  Prettiest girl in whole school, again… 

College Student and Graduate who made her teachers very happy.  Learned many new things and never got into trouble until she met u no hoo at Boston State College (University of Massachusetts, today). Prettiest girl in whole school, as usual...  Always a nice person who took care of her father when her Mother died (Mumma was 19), and made him very happy and proud.  Also, made u no hoo very happy and proud. 

Kindergarten Teacher – Sarah Greenwood School – Boston

Made her students very happy and taught them to be nice just like her.  Prettiest teacher in the school.  Also, became a wife and Mumma and cooked and cleaned and generally took care of u no hoo and baby little u no hoo (now 40 years old) very happy and proud.  Helped u no hoo pay for final year of college.  Mumma found her calling:  she is a Mumma of the first rank as detailed below! 

Household Engineer and Child Bearer – Milton

Mumma carried out all of her duties in superb fashion. Faithfully did, with very little help from big u no hoo, little u no hoo, and three other subsequent u no hoos, the following (Ensured that big u no hoo never had to cook, clean, operate household machinery or ‘take out the barrels’). 

Cleaning, Cooking approximately 16,370 meals not counting snacks totaling 32,567), Shopping, Raking, Yard Work, Painting, 24x7x365 care of four little u no hoos and one big u no hoo, Driving, Cookie Mother, Girl Scouts (2 Years), Laundry, Floors, Polished Furniture, Sweeping, Mopping, Car Washer, Baby Formula Maker, Ironing, Folding Clothes, Making Beds, Vacuuming, Dusting, Flower Planting, PTA, Dish Washing, Clean-up Time, Changing Diapers (Mumma’s estimate about 50,000).  See below for accurate figures by specific u no hoos. 

Part-time Substitute Kindergarten Teacher, Chittick School, Boston Public Schools – Mattapan

Mumma went to work many days for extra dollars during the 13 years the four u no hoos were in college and the Marine Corps.  But if it was raining or snowing, Mumma stayed home, even if called to come in, to make sure everything was good on the home front, and so she didn’t have to get her hair wet or drive down two miles in bad weather. 

Loving, Consoling, and Guidance Counselor, Diaper Changer

Estimated Total Diapers Changed (1964 – 1976):  50,000 distributed as follows: 1st little u no hoo:  30,014, 2nd little u no hoo:  123, 3rd little u no hoo:  123, 4th little u no ho:  19,736, and for big u no hoo:  4 (for the times Mumma told u no hoo she was having four little u no hoos!!!!).  Prettiest Mumma in neighborhood, without exception! 

Bandaging Boo-Boos, Dressing four little u no hoos and 1 big u no hoo, Buying Clothes, Nursing, Cleaning up throw-up, Barbershop for four little u no hoos, Pediatrician and Dentist and Orthodontist visits, Washing faces (4 + 1 + her own), Polishing shoes, Removing tar, Washing Storm Door Window daily, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Plant Expert, Chandelier Polisher 3 times each year), Emergency Room trips for injuries, Sink, tub, and Toilet Washer, Furniture Mover, Outside Sweeper and Inside Sweeper, Snow Shoveler, Window Washer and Wall Washer, College Mover In and College Mover Out, Cleaners, Insurance Runner, Food Carrier, Garage Cleaner, Aquarium Expert, Lunch Maker, Driving to and from u no hoos’ jobs, McDonalds for #2, Nursing Home for #3, Flatleys for #4, Little u no hoo Picker Upper from wherever (train station, skating rink, dancing lessons, Blue Hills, etc.), Cub Scout Driver, Rubbish Recycler, Easter, Halloween, Thankgiving and Christmas Decorator and Arranger, Christmas Card Writer, and School Note Writer, College Letter Writer for #1, #2, and #3 u no hoos, Marine Corps letter Writer and Package Sender for u no hoo #4, and Worrier about all the little u no hoos and the big u no hoo.  Worked extensively with Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.  Mumma also answered the phone, and let most people know that big u no hoo was not home.  Picture Taker to save family memories of how all the work, sweat, and tears was worth every dirty diaper except for four, need I identify those four specifically… 

Wedding Arranger, Beautiful Mother of the Brides, Trainer And Model for New Mummas.  Wait a minute!  Weren’t we just changing diapers and teaching #2 and #3 little u no hoos to say MUMMA and to be good MUMMAS someday by doing all    of the jobs in this resume?!  Where did those little u no hoos go?  Now they are big u no hoos having little u no hoos themselves.  I knew all this work was worth it. Now we have more little u no hoos to hug and kiss and love and hold and help to grow into big u no hoos just like the first set of little u no hoos did! 

Mumma got a second job – Now she is also a GAMMY.  Because she has so much love and wisdom to give to little u no hoos, MUMMA became a GAMMY to four brand new little u no hoos and continues to love and care for them as much as she can.  It is no wonder why all the little and big u no hoos love Mumma and now Gammy even more.  By the way, Mumma is the most beautiful Gammy in the world, and she is in the top four (I had a Mumma {‘Ma’} too, you know…) for beautiful Mummas. Throughout our lives Mumma has given to all of us unconditional love nurturing, and acceptance.  She has earned that most special place in our hearts reserved only for a Mumma and a Gammy.  She has achieved the greatest of success in her chosen field of endeavor:  to be a good Mumma and a good Gammy.  U no hoo recommends her without reservation! 

Special Note:
Naturally, Mumma has no need for a resume.  I love my Mumma so much!  For more than sixty years, everyone has known how great Mumma is, especially Dad, us kids, and now the four grandkids; her references are simply everyone she’s met since 1940.  Mumma was born at a time when a movie cost a nickel, and there was a lady on the dime.  Whole families lived on $30 or $40 per week.  No company, no matter how large or well funded, has a position which might spark Mumma’s interest; there is no possible offer they could make to take Mumma away from her current position.  Of course, Dad helped Mumma write this resume because he’s wicked good at the computer…