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United States of America

Why have a USA section?  Because I love the United States of America!  I’ve been to 49 states (waiting on that Hawaii trip…), and during the past ten years, I have visited an average of 27 states per year.  I can’t see enough of America!  I’ve even visited 41 states on my motorcycle, and every one of those wearing shorts… 

I love the best of everything America represents.  Sure I’d like to see the Pyramids some day or eat at the Burger King next to the Coliseum in Rome, but for me and now, America first!  I love our flag, the land, the sea shores, our road system, our veterans, and the genius of our founding fathers. 

The United Kingdom is testing a system right now to tax people on how much mileage they drive using satellite controlled auto and truck mounted GPS devices.  In France, all VCRs must be imported into the country through a small village more than 100 miles from the nearest port.  China enforces a one child policy in big urban areas, and that child had better be male.  North Korea’s soldiers are 3” shorter on average than their counterparts in South Korea due to systemic malnutrition.  They do not sell bikinis in Iran.  There’s no free speech or free anything else in Cuba.  Antarctica doesn’t have a single tree!  In Brazil, a new business must complete more than 160 government forms to procure the operating licenses and permits it will need to begin commerce.  In Saudi Arabia mere possession of a Bible is a major crime with severe consequences.  Unemployed people in Germany can not easily emigrate to another German city to find work without losing their local government support services.  And in Russia, do anything untoward or in conflict with the government there, and they simply become your new majority shareholder! 

Now, America has its faults, but right now, I just can’t think of any.  Remember, it’s Amer-I-Can!  That is, “I can”, not “I can’t”.  America is alive, and the best concept ever born.  America is real.  When I look at an urban skyline, I try to imagine how all of that concrete, steel, and glass flew up out of the earth to take its present form.  When I look at the plains, I try to imagine how people first crossed them, why they settled there, and who lived there before.  When I see a mountain, I think about those who have walked on and around it, and those who must climb to the top of it.  America is the home of the free, and of the very brave.  We are the yeoman farmers Jefferson once envisioned from sea to sea.  Our crop is the destiny we till for ourselves and our families each day.  This job never ends; it is ceaseless.  And this is good. 

We Americans work hard, we are optimists, we execute on will, we’re intellectual pugilists, we respect the flag, and we never forget the legacy granted to us by those veterans whose dust and sweat and blood has granted us our every freedom.  We love our mothers and fathers and our brothers and sisters.  Can you feel the power of America?  Not in just our munitions and defenses, but in our hearts and spirit?  300,000,000 strong and growing by more than 8,000 people each day…  I can’t imagine a better place to be and be from!

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